FreeMii is a unique cellular provider in which they offer free cellular services after paying a membership fee. This includes unlimited minutes, SMS/MMS, and data. In the case of data, they will de-prioritize you after 20GB. You will also have to pay for the SIM which ideally, you choose the network you would want to use.

I haven’t received much in the way of phone calls, which is expected. I have been using their data services almost daily. Speeds are sufficient for streaming music which I would use Spotify when walking Malak. I had made an outgoing call to myself to test quality, and I have called myself – again to test quality.

So what is the catch? Well there are a few. First, tethering is not allowed. I can understand this a little bit – again since their monthly fee is $0. However, I feel they should allow tethering at 3G speeds. This will discourage regular tethering while allowing for those unique circumstances that requires tethering. One example might be to compose an email on a notebook PC.

Next, there is no moving your SIM card to another device. Instead, you have to buy a new SIM for $25. In addition, there is no order page that you can go to which means you’re likely going to have to write to support for assistance, and I will not be comfortable with sending my credit card information via email. You should only do this on an SSL enabled website. They first need to create an order page, and maybe allow you to transfer your SIM card to another device for $15 – therefore reducing waste. The $25 for a replacement SIM should still exist for replacing your SIM if you need to do that.

My next issue is the SIM network. I ordered a T-Mobile compatible SIM, and got an AT&T SIM. In addition, the network ID shows as AT&T rather than FreeMii. This could be confusing for people that use a Dual SIM phone, and have both SIMs in use. If my second carrier was AT&T, I wouldn’t know which line was ringing This also makes FreeMii look less professional as almost every MVNO will have their name shown as the Network ID.

Next, I can’t find information on international calling. While this not important to me, it maybe for some people. My guess is they don’t support international dialing which will be expected for the price they charge.

Last issue is a concern for longevity. If the promises hold true with FreeMii, they will only likely get $180 from me which is the price I paid for membership, SIM, and taxes. I am confident they have to pay the network to use the network. They will need to find additional revenues, and most likely, monthly revenue form either a premium level of service, or some other way of generating income. At time of writing this review, I haven’t had service for a month, but again – the promise is no monthly charge for service. They might have made their money on the first few months, but what happens afterwards?

All in all, I like the service, but do have reservations. Most people I know are low income, and probably couldn’t afford the initial cost that FreeMii requires. In my circumstance, it was a significant struggle for that initial cost. This will deter from the people that would truly benefit from this service. For those in better financial strength, this might be something to consider. You can learn more about FreeMi, by going to