iSyncr is a synchronization tool for Android devices that allows the user to synch an iTunes, or Apple Music playlist with the android device. While one could theoretically do this manually, this method is much easier. From what I could gather, the app is about $7 USD. This is a good price if you have a lot of your personal collection in Apple Music, or iTunes.

When using the app on a Google Pixel 3a XL, the app for some reason will not remove the song from the phone when it has been removed from the playlist. This is something that JRT Studio claims it does. It does add songs, so that is a benefit.

It is not a perfect app, but the best app I could find to do what I need it to do. Some people might suggest just buying an iPhone, and no app needs to be purchased, and yes that is true – but I prefer Android for many reasons. The only bad thing is there is no synching tool like Apple Music/iTunes and iOS.